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We pride ourselves on a 3 coat process for optimal mil thickness

We offer 7, 8, 9 & 10 year warranties

This is a Non Prorated Warranty

From Benjamin Moore Paints

Warranty covers paint & labor costs

"just ask us" for more details.

Exterior painting Packages: 

Call for your free estimate today!  

Our base package includes the following:

> Pressure washing the exterior of your home.

> Caulking all visible cracks.

> Applying a chalk sealant base coat to all masonry surfaces.

> Applying 2 top coats of Benjamin Moore paint on all surfaces to be

painted. (25 year warranty paint is base package)

> We will apply up to 3 colors; a primary color, one accent

color, and the third color for doors.

> All Labor and materials.

> Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call for your free estimate today: 

- Please remember prices may vary slightly depending

on house features and warranty level of paint-

*homes (1901 up to 2,400 sq ft living space).

Call for your free estimate today:

Interior painting Prices:

3-2-2 homes(up to 1,900 sq ft living space).

Our offer includes the following: and selecting the options from the toolbar.

> Prepare all walls and woodwork for painting.

> Caulking all visible cracks, washing down all woodwork with cleaner

> Applying (2) finish coats to all walls.

> Applying (1) finish coat to woodwork and door fronts

> Applying (1) finish coat of ceiling white to all ceilings

> Using Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec on all surfaces to be painted.

> At your discretion, we will apply a primary color and one accent

color for trim boards and doors.

> All Labor.

> Guaranteed satisfaction.

Call for your free estimate today:

* If you chose to go with (1) finish coat on the walls using

Benjamin Moore one coat coverage paint "Regal Select".

 Call for your free estimate today: